Creating Peace on Earth

Creating Peace on Earth by raising the vibrational resonance on Gaia comes with great responsibility but if we listen to the wisdom within, we can navigate through it with greater ease. We each have a role and a responsibility to bring forth the truth that we know is in our soul, if we know how to listen. Trusting our intuition doesn’t come easy, yet we know through trial and error, it is the voice of truth within.

Although there are days I can rise above the darkness and soar like an eagle, there are still other days where the old paradigm has me by the neck, holding me hostage, tormenting me through the people I love most. Until the dark loosens it’s death grip on humanity, it is a day to day challenge to rise above it. The goddess energies sometimes help, and other times, complicate this challenge.

But, connecting with other Light Workers and creating a spiritual community, we can support each other and shoulder the burdens of our brothers and sisters, as  we were meant to do. Leave behind the ego mind and follow your inner child.

Think peace, think love….every chance you get. Listen to music and allow yourself to feel the joy inside you through the music. Let the music live inside you, its the life force, the love force of creation.

And forgive those who have hurt you…Ho’ opono pono!




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