Ho’ oponopono….

Asking for forgiveness is NOT the same as forgiving those who have hurt you. One is the actor, and the other is the recipient of the infraction. Parents teach their children to apologize when they hurt someone and in turn they are told they are forgiven for their mistakes. That mysteriously makes it all better, its forgotten about, and the parents and child move on…..

But is it that simple for adults? The  Ho’ oponopono, the Hawaiian prayer for forgiveness, goes like this, ” I am sorry if I have ever hurt you, please forgive me, I Love you”, is a powerful prayer or meditation for putting your intention of forgiveness into action. Honestly, who knows WHO we were in our past incarnations and what we might have done to someone who has reappeared in this incarnation to be given one more chance to ask for forgiveness or for US to ask forgiveness of.

We have all been actors, whether intentionally or not. There is NO ONE who has not cast a stone at someone at some point in time, and therefore the Ho’ oponopono is a perfect intention to release that action. But, being the recipient of the actor’s aggression, can affect us in such dynamic and profound ways, that forgiving can sometimes seem impossible.

The term ‘forbearance’, n. is defined as ‘patient endurance’ and anabstaining from the enforcement of a right’., usually a creditor for payment of a bill, however, it is not merely black and white. As clear as these definitions may seem, there is great ambiguity, depending on if you are the actor or the recipient, and of course, the context; We humans have to complicate things. The actor could be a debtor who is postponing the collection of a debt, in which case the recipient would feel great relief, and the actor would be the one imposed with patient endurance.

Conversely, the recipient of a crime feels no relief when an actor’s aggression causes personal harm and suffering. Clearly we are not talking about a debt here, but something far more egregious. Forgiveness, in many cases, then becomes a process, and it is a choice that can be made, I believe, after sufficient healing can take place. That healing can come in a variety of ways, about as varied as the variations of people themselves. When there has been a psychic and energetic violation of a persons soul, ego, mind and physical body, it can lead to changes in that person, some maybe good, and some maybe not so good.

There is nothing, for in the case of healing, like facing the Actor who harmed you, and requiring them to ask for your forgiveness. We have trials for this purpose, but clearly many people do not have access to justice, especially when it’s for sale. Hence, in the alternative, short of that ideal scenario, is the healing process stunted and the wound left open to ooze for a lifetime? Its not so simple when the stones turn into bullets, and the damage is not a bump on the head, but a blown off limb; I mean this literally and figuratively. Wounds come in many shapes and sizes.

I believe, that the power of the Ho’ oponopono, is that if you forgive everyone whom you have ever hurt, the intention is received, and thus their healing can begin. The power of the  Ho’ oponopono, is that face to face forgiveness is unnecessary for the intention to be received. So, for those who have hurt you, if they too do the Ho’ oponopono, then you shall receive their intention and then can begin to heal. Conscious awareness of the intention is not a necessary condition. It works on the quantum level.

And, what is perhaps of even greater significance of evidence that the effect happens on the quantum level, is that according to the story of the Hawaiian psychiatric hospital worker, who spent his night shifts going through the files of each patient and did the Ho’ oponopono to each and every patient, he was neither the actor or the recipient to those individuals who were harmed, and yet one by one, they began to get well and leave the treatment facility.

The fact is, there is research that shows that there are concrete effects of positive conscious intention that has been cited on many websites like http://www.2012portal.blogspot.com as in the research on group meditation.

Likewise, the negative conscious intention is much more well known in our society and already has a name, its black magic, satanism, occultism, and they have spent eons of time suppressing the positive and the Light so they can feed off the trauma of their wars and enslavement of humanity. The dark has been here for thousands of years, but the numbers of the Light were too few. Not anymore…there is now enough Light on this planet to transmute the negative into light. It is true, I feel the energies every day and Light workers around the globe are spreading their Light to raise the frequency of this beautiful planet.

When overcoming obstacles and challenges there are some things in life we just have to take on the chin, and learn which battles are worth fighting. We might not win every battle, but we can never lose the war for humanity.  We can never lose our souls to the dark, even through trauma and violence, for it is those of the light who they seek to torture, to extinguish their light. This is where forgiveness becomes a choice. If one can see this without judgement, one can see more clearly what the game is.

Once one understands the forces at play between the dark and the light, one can remove the ‘personal’ element of their wounds, and take it on the chin. Get up, brush yourself off, and keep going…..the dark wins when they take your soul, even if they have to do it piece by piece. Don’t choose self pity, chose victory! Practice the Ho’oponopono, and set your soul free. As Mary Magdalene said, “Don’t become your suffering”.


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