Sphere Alliance Message #8

peoples trust toronto


As received by Denise:

A question from xx: what are these codes? 99 99 888 55 11 11 1 33 44 77 8

Yes, Yes and Yes we say with joy and profound pleasure that you are recognizing and acknowledging our signs to you. Numerical, binary and trinary. All meant to return you to full remembrance.

We know you struggle with the amnesia, the forgetting; it is all coming to an end.

The joy of full remembrance will be fraught with pain and joy. Pain because you will recall the hardest of times; joy because you will know that you have come through it and it is over.

It is over. It is over.

We say this with the most profound sense of love and awe, and shout to you It is over!

Thank you!

And even more so; what these numbers and sequences mean shall unveil theā€¦

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