The Goldwater Report An Opinion Indictment of Neil Francis Keenan 17 NOVEMBER 2014

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

This is about the alternative news cleaning up its act. I thank the Goldwater Report! ~J

Published on Nov 17, 2014

This is an editorial about the uncovering of a fraud which in part was helped to occur because of the credibility lent to the subject matter by the celebrity of David Wilcock on George Noory’s show produced by Premier Networks called Coast To Coast AM. The fraud that has occurred since that point in time by one, Mr. Neil Keenan is now said to be in the amount of greater than 300,000 US dollars and has been perpetrated upon several individuals by Mr. Keenan which in part has been enabled by David Wilcock lending the aire of credibility through his statements about the veracity of Mr. Keenan’s character and claims, which Mr. Wilcock said he verified by certain un-nameable sources as being true and correct.

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