Disclosure Data from Corey 7-17-15… “Update from Corey’s FB page”

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GoodETxSG_gravatar_150_75This appeared today at Corey’s FaceBook page. There may be some points of interest for each here.

Please use one’s own discernment always when reading any of the postings I make here, about this or anything else. You will know what fits for you.

“I have another article on the SSP Alliance Meeting that had a lot of drama between a few members and myself after the security issues were allowed to occur at home. This was the incident where very tall Nordic beings who had 6 fingers invaded the sanctuary of our home. I will give some details on those unpleasant experiences as well.

“In the next article I will discuss more about the increase in the high density energy waves (As reported by Tear-Eir) that we are encountering as our Sol Systems flows into this part of the Torus of our Sol System.

“The “Spheres” seem…

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