David Wilcock Comment on Benjamin Fulford’s 1-12-16 Article…

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David_Wilcock_Search165David commented on Ben’s latest, and the point that struck me was about the fragmentation in the Light-worker/Truther community. Perhaps this comment, and David’s upcoming article, will be incentive to start working together (whatever that means) (Hopefully it doesn’t mean we all have to be in the same room together!).

“Despite the seemingly compromised nature of the UN, I have independently heard that it will be reformatted with greater Alliance participation and used as a vehicle for re-establishing justice via tribunals.

“There is no question that the Cabal is going to be exposed and defeated. However, it also appears that the degree of disclosure we will get is dependent upon us, not upon them. If we don’t work together as a group, we will only get a limited disclosure… There is great fragmentation within our community… very few of them are aware of the degree to which this un-acknowledged World…

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