Gordon Duff, New Eastern Outlook, 1-16-16… “America’s Military: They Simply Can’t Be Trusted”

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new_eastern_outlook_header_20I found this NEO by Gordon helpful to read. It has quite a few truth-type nuggets in it that continue to expand the picture of what has really been going on in this world (although I have no way to validate much of what Gordon and the other VTs report, but I trust their data). The part about the brotherhood between Obama and Putin I have “sensed” for some time, even the neither is likely to share that openly.

Any and all Light that can be brought to these things I feel helps the planet. So as I read this one, I kept sending Light to all the “crappifiers” that have been having their own way for so long.

Their time is ending. And we are a part of that.

“This week President Obama, while riding around in his classic 1963 Chevrolet Corvette with comedian Jerry Seinfeld, set the tone…

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