Montague Keen, Sunday, January 17, 2016

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Waking up is never an easy process, having to face the fact that you have been conned on every level is extremely difficult for you. We referred to WORD MAGIC , many of you were up in arms, dismissing it as nonsense. Now we share well researched EVIDENCE of Word Magic that is used against you every day of your lives by Church and State. It is something that you will have to take on board if you want to survive.The 1% who control your world are experts on Word Magic, they constantly use it to their advantage. This is precisely how the Human Race has been dominated and controlled  for Centauries. You  live life like hypnotised zombies rushing from one carefully designed disaster to another. This must end, you must stop blindly accepting what “they” tell you as truth for that is the last thing that it is. What “they” want…

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