Phillip Tilton: Baby Steps prepare “The Financial Tsunami of Global Currency Reset” taking Place!!

Maine Republic Email Alert

Published on Mar 1, ’16 — read along with spoken words — mins. 1:15 to 6:07.

Beginning Monday February 29, 2016 somewhere in the Mountains of Mainland China, the main Asian banking centers of Singapore and Hong Kong were authorized to wire funds into both USA & European T1 banking entities via the new CIPS (Chinese Infrastructure Platform System) system.

Each CIPS transaction is taking less than 1 minute to clear (Elders) as opposed to up to 10 days per the old Eastern European SWIFT system (cabal).

Over 1,000 Trillion of gold back TRNs & Euros are now in position for distribution, as this fresh 1QT (Quad-Trillion) of stimulus was needed to avoid a complete breakdown of North American and European society.

It’s now evident that the Chinese were overly cautious because they were planning on being abundantly generous.

Thank you to all colors of the Dragon Family…

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