Kp Message 6-22-16 (well, maybe 6-23-16) (or maybe both)… “Darn these Energies!!”

Kauilapele's Blog

150731_kp_mauna_kea_sun_P1010142_crop_150_78Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m “doing” anything worth “doing”.

Today was one where I put one post up there, then promptly got hit with a blast of something or other that once again, as before, essentially “flattened” me out. I slept for a couple-three hours, got back up, and continued with my day, which had by that time, become night.

Am I the only one who gets this “flatten-izing”? Well, I know I’m not. But going through these phases is just, well, like a surrendering to what’s coming in. And not trying to “resist the input”.

I’ve a family visiting this island, and they’re like a hānai (they adopted me) family, and I thought I’d be more with them and doing things, but I’ve felt so very flattened by what’s been happening, that it’s not going to be that way. Anyway, I usually tell visitors to just stay in…

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