MY LIFE WITH GOLD By: Winston ‘Golden’ Shrout

The GoldFish Report Blog

Okay, okay … just a little pun there.  My mother’s family name was ‘Golden’ and her nic-name was always ‘Goldie’ used by her friends and close associates.  And who knows but what she would be proud of me for using the ‘Golden’ name in the title to this article.  But actually, the Golden name came from her Irish great grandfather who stowed away at the age of 10 along with his little sister who was 8 leaving Ireland and coming to America.  A professional genealogist told me that probably ‘Golden’ was converted from ‘Gulden’ upon arrival in the US.  But ‘Golden’ sounded a bit better than ‘Gulden’ anyway.  I don’t think she would have liked to be called ‘Guldie’ !

As for myself, I hold no fascination with gold other than my mother’s family name.  As far as gold goes, I can take it or leave it … mainly on…

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